A Note About Censored Films and Spoilers.

It is the view of Transgressive Cinema that films should be viewed in the manner in which the director intended, fully uncut for an adult audience. For this reason all the reviews and articles here relate to the uncut versions in every instance, unless otherwise stated. This is not always easy, and it often means importing discs from abroad – but it is hoped that the readership appreciates the commentary from the uncut source material rather than what is left after the censors have taken their scissors to a movie.

The issue of “Spoilers” is a contentious one. Transgressive Cinema will not become littered with spoiler warnings. Care is always taken to avoid potentially divulging too much information for readers who have yet to view the film being discussed. The policy used is based on a number of factors (which are individually evaluated for each film), such as the age of the movie and the information already available on promotional material and DVD blurbs. The ending or plot twists will never be divulged. Hopefully this common sense approach is proving acceptable, but please do leave comments on this subject if you have a view on it.

It is the intention of Transgressive Cinema to inform and aid the cinematic experience, not to spoil it – so it is important to get the balance right.


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