It begins.

Welcome to the Transgressive Cinema blog. Here you will find thoughts and musings from all the darkest corners of horror cinema around the world.

The subsequent writings are my opinions and please use the comment option to let yours be known too. The kind of films under discussion here at Transgressive Cinema are often very polarising, but also draw fanatical followings from those who appreciate them, hence interactive debate could be interesting – please indulge.

I will post regularly with reviews and articles on a different film each time. Some you will definitely be familiar with, some perhaps not. If you have any requests for reviews on your favourite horror, macabre or extreme cinema please let me know. Equally, if you think you’ve uncovered a little known gem I’d love to know about it and then review it here.

Please subscribe to this page, the first review will appear very soon and it will be discussing the most notorious movie of recent times –  A Serbian Film.

Thanks for visiting Transgressive Cinema, I hope you enjoy the ride.


7 Responses to “It begins.”

  1. this is an interesting concept. too often today the macabre is looked at as either taboo and repulsive, or as a mask only used for shock value (by bands, high schoolers…etc), but the history and thought behind it all is actually quite fascinating. 😀

  2. I’m glad you find it fascinating, I think it is an inherent part of the human condition. The earliest stories told, such as Beowulf, are all essentially tales of horror and dread. The earliest movies, such as Nosferatu, were often macabre.

    As a species we just like being scared! However, it’s better to experience extreme situations vicariously in the form of story – in whatever medium that happens to be.

  3. Great concept for a website and after reading your reviews I will be bookmarking and looking forward to future ones.

    I completely agree with your comment about extreme situations. Much better as a story, that is for certain. We must thank the people who have endured hardships to inspire these stories and both educate and challenge our morality.

    As a side note: It would be good to see a forum on here for people with any issues or comments to make.

  4. I enjoyed reading your work. I haven’t heard the term used for films before, only in application to written work.

    I advise you to consider choosing another “theme” from WordPress. White text on a black background fits your content, as it did mine when I began in Jan of 2010. However, within a few months I was receiving complaints from vision-challenged subscribers that it was difficult to see the blog well enough to read it. I never would have thought of that sort of obstacle, but I DO want my blog to be read by all interested parties. So, I found a similar theme using black text/white background and I’ve had no complaints since.

    Best of luck toward the fulfillment of your intents.

  5. Thanks for your comments Mikey, and I will certainly give serious thought to your advice regarding the site colour theme. If anyone has this problem, please let me know.

  6. I appreciate the honest appraisal of the movies talked about here – and look forward to further additions. You have a new follower…

  7. Thanks Michael, nice to have you as a regular.

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